Why Copper over Lead?

*American Copper Bullets have a tolerance on all projectiles of +/- 1 grain


Solid Copper Bullets offer many advantages over traditional harmful lead bullets!

  • Lead toxicity for wildlife and the environment (Bald Eagle population has been affected)

  • Copper slug stays intact with a better mushroom profile while the lead bullet is approximately only 50%

  • 100% copper doesn’t foul gun barrels and doesn’t require a special cleaning agent either

  • Solid copper bullets penetrate deeper

  • No issues with solid copper as far as reloading goes

  • Copper has a reclaim (scrap) value of approximately $2.70 / lb. 

  • Copper bullets are certified for use in the state of California’s non-lead ammunition zone (non-game species only)

Picture above: Location of lead bullet fragments (red circles around bright spots) in venison burger


For more reading on the benefits of solid copper bullets:

Hunting with Non-Lead.org – Russell Kuhlman (Institute for Wildlife Studies as the Non-lead Outreach Coordinator in California)

Workshop shows benefits of copper bullets over lead – Milwaukee – Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

How Good Are Copper Bullets, really??? – Case Study by Carl Batha (Certified Wildlife Biologist) & Phil Lehman (Wildlife Technician)

*These articles were used to compile the data listed above